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  1. SirDude's Avatar
    So when this developer thing was first posted on MMI I paid the guy that MMI sponsored the 15 bucks or whatever it was. phone was added quickly, never got any account info to direct dls or even access to the SDK. ohh well beggars cant be choosers.

    anyways, phone was replaced today by apple and I upgraded to 3.0 and found out that tada this phone is not on the list off course since the UDID is different. forgot about that.

    tried emailing the guy and haven't gotten a response. Anyone still got open spots? not looking to pay that much again?! but I dont want to be out of a phone till mid summer either. Way too lazy to do the jail-breaking as that hasn't worked out for the last 3 hours so here I am...

    let me know. thanks
    2009-04-29 01:53 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    You never got access to downloads because the FW is considered pirated and not allowed here.
    2009-04-29 01:55 AM
  3. SirDude's Avatar
    How can the FW be pirated if you "kind of" paid to be one of the developers?! at that point you should have access to the apple direct link or am I confused about something here?!
    2009-04-29 02:00 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    No. you paid because a dev is selling a beta tester spot on his account, which by the way - isnt supposed to be sold and IS ONLY THERE TO TEST THE APPS THE DEV CREATES.

    Developers are the ONLY ones that get access to the beta FW's so they can create apps for them.

    If it wasnt pirated, then you could download it from Apple directly.

    If you want it legit, then you need to pay the $99 to Apple to be a actual Dev, paying a dev doesnt mean anything.
    2009-04-29 02:04 AM