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    Earlier tonight, I wanted to try the ipod touch 1g 3.0 beta, so I downloaded it and restored my jailbroken ipod with the 3.0 ipsw.

    Since then, I never been able to boot, all I see is a connect to itunes screen...

    When I connect it it says that I'm in recovery mode. So I try to restore my ipod and I get an error about itunes not being able to restore...

    What should I do?

    2009-05-04 03:52 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Are you registered with a dev?
    2009-05-04 04:12 AM
  3. tompouk's Avatar
    Are you registered with a dev?
    2009-05-04 04:13 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    You need to be. That is why it isn't activating. First find your UDID.
    To find your iPhone's UDID, just plug it into your computer and wait until iTunes recognizes it. Select your phone from the Devices list in iTunes and click the "Summary" tab. To see your UDID, click on the word "serial number" beside the picture of the iPhone. You should see the word "identifer" and an alphanumeric string – this is your UDID.

    If you updated before registering and now are stuck:

    On XP go into CDocuments and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Lockdown. There is a plist file with the name of your device UDID.

    On Vista, go into CUsers\<Username>\AppData\Apple Computer\Lockdown

    PM me and I will find you a dev to register with
    2009-05-04 04:19 AM
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    Thanks for your help, but I never had the chance to look for this UDID.

    My ipod once worked on my mac mini. So is there any place like this on the mac version?

    I'll pm you for a dev, thanks!

    I found it!

    But there's no UDID in the plist. Only: DeviceCertificate, HostCertificate, HostID, HostPrivateKey, RootCertificate and RootPrivateKey...

    My ipod touch is still bricked...
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    2009-05-04 05:48 PM