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    I've read, and searched and watched everything. No solution?

    Here's my problem(s)...

    Recently I jailbroke and unlocked a 2G iPhone with QuickPwn.

    Cydia installed, etc etc fine.

    I'm on the Tmobile network, but indoors, I have an extremely low signal, and sometimes NO signal at all. (This goes for cars, buses, etc as well.) I've tried APN set to
    -guest/user: blank/blank
    -guest/user: blank/blank

    problem is the same. is the better of the two so far... but I know someone with tmobile service, and the exact same phone, and used QuickPwn, and they don't have this problem...and they're in the same area(s) im in 80% of the time.



    So with all that being said,

    I found out about cydia... and I've been DYING to use it, but the **** wont work! Since day one of having the app itself, I'm prompted to upgrade and etc 2 new updates. I try to everytime I see the message come up, but all I ever get is

    "cached failure"

    "host unreachable"

    cached failure"

    host unreachable"

    in that order. every time.

    tried to download WinterBoard........ same thing

    it never worked for me, hasn't worked. at all.

    any area, any signal, any time.


    this makes the long wait for an iphone, that finally came, a letdown.

    any help (preferrably help that isn't a guess) would be immensely appreciated...

    - chaiseMarcel

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    2009-05-15 07:56 AM

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