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    I've run into a little problem...

    I'm trying to restore my jailbroken/unlocked (yellowsn0w) 16GB iPhone 3G running 2.2 FW. I'm using iTunes ver. and the 2.2 Apple FW from quickpwn.com. This is all being done on a Windows Vista x86 system which has worked in the past.

    When I shift + restore in iTunes with the iPhone in normal mode and in recovery mode, I get iTunes error 5. When I put the iPhone in DFU mode, I get error 1.

    Besides recovery and DFU mode, I've also restarted the computer and got the same errors. I also ran iTunes as an administrator but got the same results.

    Thus, I can't restore my iPhone.

    Hook a brother up, please!
    2009-05-16 09:34 PM
  2. bebeboricua's Avatar
    2009-05-18 02:17 PM