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    Hey guys, I'm new to all this, and I've read over alot of the other threads and I'm pretty much just getting more confused by the second. I want to jailbreak an Iphone and put it on my Verizon network but I have quite a few questions. I currently have an LG Voyager and live in the Dayton OH area, if that matters at all. If someone wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me, it'd help me out alot.

    What all do I need to purchase to jailbreak an Iphone and put it on my Verizon network?

    Do I need to buy a SIM card or something?

    How is my Verizon bill and plan going to be affected? I currently have a Nationwide Premium plan.

    Am I still going to have access to most of the features on my Iphone(Apps, GPS, Web)?

    IF anyone could answer one or all of these questions for me, I'd be extremely grateful. Feel free to message my AIM - helloxkansas or just email me at [email protected] if you don't want to try and explain it over the thread.

    Thanks again
    2009-05-29 09:15 PM
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    Isn't Verizon a CDMA network? I didn't think you could use an iPhone on Verizon.
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    2009-05-29 09:18 PM
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    Jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking.

    Jailbreaking provides you with Cydia which installs applications that are not approved by the AppStore
    Unlocking allows you to use your phone with any GSM network, aka a network that uses Sim Cards.

    Verizon is a CDMA network, which means you cannot use an iPhone on Verizon. Sorry, but if you want an iPhone you need to switch to AT&T or T-Mobile (in U.S.)

    Edit: BLAST, Blckadi beat me to it. :P
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    I can't find Cydia on app store
    2009-05-29 09:20 PM

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