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    The process over the internet that is available for the updating to beta5 for 2G iphones have been very simple and easy.
    All u need to do is download the

    1) Download Itunes 8.2.10 and install
    2) Download FW - iPhone1,1_3.0_7A312g_Restore.ipsw. Keep on desktop
    3) Download quickpwn - from QuickPWN. keep on desktop

    To start the process....
    1) BACKUP your phone in Itunes after updating itunes to 8.2.10. VERY IMP
    2) Enter DFU mode (dont know how to plz google it).
    3) When itunes locates your phone in DFU mode
    4) Then press shift on keyboard + right click on restore button on itunes.
    5)It will ask you for the firmware which is downloaded and located on your desktop iPhone1,1_3.0_7A312g_Restore.ipsw.
    6)After which the phone will show some behaviour for 5 to 10 mins to come to a screen which has the itunes icon and the usb cable and the background is Purpleish pink. if u have reached here gr8 now move on.

    The above has just updated your firmware from whatever to 3.0 Beta 5. so now we jailbreak.

    1) Run quickpwn and follow the instruction carefully.
    2) Basically asking you the location of the firmware file.
    3) Then asking you the 4 options which are......
    Add ICY(or)CYDIA , Replace boot logos
    Activae (or) uncheck this , lock symbol

    Only select(or) tick the box with the add icy/cydia and activate/check this.........unselect the righthandside to options.

    let it do its work....

    (To bring it to your notice that i am using windows7:build7022 x32version and evertime i choose anyother way quickpwn would crash. hence not allowing me to unlock-(meaning network should work) the phone. hence i had to do the rest to manually unlock it. that is if i hade selected the lock sysmbol asking me to attach the BOOTLOADER bin files 3.9 and 4.6 quickpwn would crash. Even tried it on vista no fix.)

    Incase your netwrok doesnt work do the following....

    Nothing to worry. Just continue with the jailbroken phone and connect with your wifi connection.
    after connected open cydia and let it recollect its sources and Reload Data and go to search type BootNeuter and download it.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooybudEXiio]YouTube - 3.0 (beta5) Boot Neuter TO UNLOCK 2GIPHONE [PART2][/ame]

    after wich follow the following
    1) Run bootNeuter 2.1.
    2) it will say Auto-Lock is on and make it never
    3) Go to settings> General> Auto-Lock and set it to never.
    3) You will find that it says Error - Couldnt talk to the bootloader........CommCenter collision (dont worry) just click OK.
    4) When everything goes fine you will see that the current setting of the bootNeuter.
    5) It will say shutting CommCenter so that bootNeuter can talk with it. your phone will restart and switch on showing to you that the phone it trying to search for network.
    5) Now click on the 4.6 button and switch on all the rest of the buttons whichs are Neuter, FackeBlank, Unlock.
    6) Click Flash. Then it will say Flashing baseband normally will take 2 mins might take longer. Let it happen and Walla You have your network back on your phone.

    You have just unlocked Manually....jailbroken and upgraded your phone and mind you this only works for 2G iphones and not 3G. becos the 2G iphone Bootloader version is 5.8.

    Please follow the step by step instructions or else you will get confused. incase you do it again you will just need to flash the baseband and unlock.
    2009-06-03 04:46 PM