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    Hey guys,

    I had a 2.2.1/2.30.0 iPhone 3g that I JB'd last night. Everything went great, firmware installed just the way I wanted it to, but for some reason I'm having some issues where I'm not getting service.

    I used unlockit to block the APN address so that no data would come through since I dont have a dataplan at the moment. I highly doubt this is the issue. I used pwnage tool 2.5 with the 2.2.1 firmware and didn't do anything crazy out of the ordinary.

    I've read serveral posts about this but have receive almost zero in sight into the problem. I am using an AT&T sim card from my other iPhone 2g JB'd. I read somewhere that someone said make sure you don't hacktivate it but the directions are crystal clear.

    Any help our thoughts would be appreciate. I'll just keep slug'n away at this and hope that someone can steer me in the right direction!


    Maybe this will help someone out there in the future with this, and maybe not.

    Nonetheless, the advice about making sure you UNCHECK the 'Activate' button in pwnage tool is valid. I unchecked it and am now receiving a signal... which we can all agree... is a good thing.

    My worry w/ doing this was that itunes wouldn't let me activate the phone, but for some reason it pretty much just decided it was done. I had blocked all outgoing data from itunes using little snitch while I did this just to make sure Apple didn't try to 'call home' on me.

    I believe this has fixed the problem. That being said, I believe that this might just be specific to 2.2.1 w/ modem firmware 2.30.0. I think that 2.2 doesn't have this issue. Maybe someone after me will know the answer to that.

    Hope this helps and sorry for spamming the board, but I figured I might as well post my own solution for someone down the road.
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    2009-06-05 06:23 AM
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    When building a custom IPSW in pwnage tool
    uncheck the box that is next to "activate"
    then activate your phone through itunes
    2009-06-05 05:26 PM
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    yeah, I kinda said that at the end of my post. It was originally two posts and they were combined into one. Nonetheless, thanks.
    2009-06-05 11:05 PM