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    I updated my iphone 3g to 3.0 GM seed and everything works fine... without mms and all those other 3gs features obviously, but i have a indicator next to my battery... now at first i thought this was normal.. then i did my dads, and it didnt happen to his.
    there is no option in the settings menu, and doesnt seem like its supposed to be there, ive been looking around apples site and says that feature is for iphone3gs only? does anyone else have this percentage indicator'? thanks...

    also i dont have the options to turn on or off mms and or battery life... its just on? but mms doesnt work not yet anyways
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    2009-06-11 06:19 AM
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    heres the other two pics
    2009-06-11 06:22 AM
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    for the mms to work you need it enabled by AT&T for the option to try and send but ALWAYS fail you need a modded ipcc file...As for the % did you have numeric turned on via sbsettings?
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    2009-06-11 07:08 AM
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    I'm pretty sure that there should be a numeric battery for 3.0. It's just weird that your dad's iPhone did not have the numeric battery as well.
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    2009-06-11 07:26 AM
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    for the mms to work you need it enabled by AT&T for the option to try and send but ALWAYS fail you need a modded ipcc file...As for the % did you have numeric turned on via sbsettings?
    i installed the ipcc file got the option now... but wont work i guess until att activates it..

    and yeah i had it on the sb setting .... you think thats what did it?
    my dads iphone wasnt jailbroken....

    anyone else have the indicator?
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    yep that is why you have it and your dads dosent as fore your mms im not sure when i changed the ipcc file mine didnt work and then one day out of the blue it just started working has been for a couple weeks now.
    2009-06-11 06:30 PM
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    FYI I had numeric battery from SBSettings and I too have the percentage beside the battery (like your pictures).

    EDIT: after upgrading to 3.0 GM of course.
    2009-06-11 06:37 PM
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    Same as me. I didnt like having the numeric battery and a regular one so i just went into settings and did a Reset all Settings (not the media and data delete option) and when it finished doing whatever..the battery percentage was gone.
    2009-06-11 08:23 PM
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    My wife and I both have an iPhone. She has a first gen version and I have the 3G. I upgraded both phone to the 3.0 firmware. She has battery percentage icon but I don't. Both phones were jailbroken, I have SBSettings on mine but she doesn't. I don't get it.
    2009-07-09 03:53 AM
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    Can someone please help me with this?
    I jailbroke my iphone 3G 3.1.2 with blackra1n. II had an app that put the battery percent next to the battery. I decided to remove the jailbreak a few weeks later and I noticed that the battery percent sign is still there. There is no sign of any jailbroken apps on my phone but for some reason the battery percent is till there. Does anyone know how to fix this or why it's doing this?
    2010-01-07 02:58 AM
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    I noticed that too. I guess turning it on sets a bit somewhere that doesn't get reset by reflashing. Maybe jailbreak again and turn it off then reflash one more time.
    2010-01-07 09:12 PM
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    It's called Settings->General->Usage->Battery Percentage
    It's a built in function of 3.0

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    2010-01-08 03:50 AM
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    ^It is a built in function of the 3GS, not 3.0...The first Gen and the 3G do not have this option.
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    2010-01-31 04:24 AM