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    I love getting firmware updates and seeing what new features they bring. Like most of you, I'm looking forward to upgrading to 3.0
    However, I'm not looking forward to reinstalling everything from cydia.
    Every time a new firmware comes out, I end up going through Cydia, copying down by name EVERY file I have installed, upgrading, jailbreaking, then reinstalling one by one every file.
    Is there some way I can upgrade, then jailbreak, and not have to reinstall everything?
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    2009-06-11 06:39 AM
  2. seann33uk's Avatar
    if aptbackup and appbackup work for 3.0 then yes
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    2009-06-11 10:06 AM
  3. koolksmart's Avatar
    if aptbackup and appbackup work for 3.0 then yes
    I looked into using that a while back but never got into it.
    It just gives you a file for app. Then you just say you want to back everything up on those files. Upgrade. Jailbreak. Install aptbackup and appbackup. Then restore the backups. Is that all it takes?

    so I got aptbackup and appbackup.
    I'm a little skeptic of aptbackup, however.
    I hit backup and it did a little loading thing, then 5 seconds later was done. Did it really just back up all my cydia files that fast?
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    2009-06-11 11:49 PM
  4. satch2501's Avatar
    The way it works is it creates a file that will be backed up by itunes. Therefore, before upgrading, run apt backup and hit backup. Once done, close the app, open itunes, plug your phone in and right click on the iphone icon in itunes (make sure your phone is plugged in). Then hit back up. Once this is done, do the upgrade (wait for the dev team to provide the quickpwn for 3.0 or don't do any more back ups from the 3.0 until the quickpwn is out. Then restore from backup in itunes. Once everything is back up, go in cydia (again once quickpwn has been released for 3.0) and install apt backup. Run "restore" and it will take a few minutes and restart your phone and 80% of your apps should be back up and running fine.
    2009-06-12 04:21 PM
  5. koolksmart's Avatar
    "80% of your apps should be back up and running fine."

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    2009-06-12 07:19 PM
  6. Bo's Avatar
    Yup, most of them, it may miss a few so make sure you note everything you are running. Not sure why, it's kinda hit and miss. I've had it re-install 100% and then around 80% the next time. Still worth it though.
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    2009-06-12 07:36 PM
  7. koolksmart's Avatar
    Is there anything I should make sure I write down specifically? Like certain things it usually misses?
    Does it usually miss apps, or just anything installed? like winterboard stuff.
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    2009-06-12 08:13 PM
  8. Bo's Avatar
    no rhyme or reason to it that I have found.
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    2009-06-12 08:15 PM

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