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    Both of my iPhone 2Gs are stuck in recovery mode. Both jailbroken and unlocked. 2.2.1
    Yes I have put them in DFU mode and restored via my own firmware, but that did not work, it just put me back in recovery mode.

    Yes I have put them in DFU mode AGAIN and restored via iTunes firmware 2.2.1, still goes back to recovery mode.
    Both of these times, whenever its restoring the firmware, the bar goes half way, then it says its done.

    When I put my AT&T sims card in, it gives me bars and stuff, and I recieve my text messages, but cannot reply because I'm still in recovery mode.

    When I take my sims card out, it says like no sims card detected put one in etc.

    In iTunes, it gives me a sign, er posting to "activate my iPhone" via my phone # etc, but I don't wanna do that, that will cost money.

    What I want to do is :
    1) Restore it to 2.2.1 via itunes
    2) Update it to 2.2.1 via my firmware
    3) Jailbreak/Unlock
    4) Replace the lockdown folder so its usable for other sims cards.

    If anyone has any advice to fix it, then please help. Thank you.
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