1. sensown's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I really apologize if this has been asked a million times, I did use the search.

    Is there a new mobileinstallation for 3.0?

    Does the 2.2.1 version work?
    2009-06-19 09:02 PM
  2. flipboy's Avatar
    I've been searching myself, and found this web page:

    It was intended for Beta 5 of OS 3.0, but I haven't tested it yet. Anyone tried it out?
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    2009-06-19 09:09 PM
  3. sensown's Avatar
    my quick google search brought me to another forum, which I won't link to, but they said it did not work with the GM release
    2009-06-19 09:19 PM
  4. Louis438's Avatar
    Mobileinstallation doesnt work on 3.0, instead it uses the "installd" file. Google it.
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    2009-06-19 09:23 PM
  5. sensown's Avatar
    Hi Louis,

    I read the installd didn't work for the GM release.....
    2009-06-19 09:29 PM
  6. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    Yeah, uhh we don't talk about that here. MMi doesn't support cracking apps because we have a bunch of developers here so you're basically stealing from other members. I'm just saying that when a mod reads this, they will close it, so don't start a new thread when that happens.
    If I helped you, then hit the "Thanks!" button please.

    I can't find Cydia on app store
    2009-06-19 10:08 PM
  7. sensown's Avatar
    hmm, that's true. I find it odd we talk about jailbreaking though, but I understand
    2009-06-19 10:21 PM
  8. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    hmm, that's true. I find it odd we talk about jailbreaking though, but I understand
    the difference is, it's not theft.
    2009-06-19 10:22 PM
  9. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    We do not allow conversation about cracked apps or cracking apps on MMI please! Also show your appreciation by supporting the developers! They need to get paid for their hard work... if you can afford an iPhone you can afford to pay for the app or apps you may want! Please do not start a new thread on this subject as this could lead to an infraction!

    Thank You!
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    2009-06-20 09:07 AM