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    I have a 2007 model iPhone 2g. It has firmware 1.1.4 and is unlocked via ZiPhone. Two days ago I decided to upgrade to 3.0 because I need cut/copy/paste.

    My plan was to restore the phone back to it's original settings, upgrade to 3.0 and then unlock it using redsn0w. I first upgraded iTunes to 8.2. After this was done I connected my iPhone and iTunes said "the device "iphone" is passcode locked".
    It wouldn't let me restore, so I removed iTunes completely and then reinstalled 8.1. (I read that some others were having problems with 8.2) While I was waiting for this to finish, I used Ziphone to put the phone into DFU mode.

    I installed iTunes 8.1 and clicked shift+restore, to restore to 1.1.4 firmware.

    The phone got about half way through the process and then I got error 1601.

    I tried again on 2 different computers with the same result "1601 error"

    After 4 hours of reading and messing around with I went to bed. The phone was stuck on the "connect to itunes" screen whenever I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day the battery was dead. I plug the phone into the wall, a PC, a mac, and it will not charge, no computer will recognize that anything is hooked up.

    If I hold down both buttons to reset, nothing happens, even after 10 or more seconds.

    I took it to my local Apple store's "genius" and he just told me that it was "dead as a door-nail, and they could fix it for $200, or I could buy a 3gS."

    My phone is under warranty, but he said they won't replace it since the screen is barely cracked.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
    What could be causing this?
    What can be done?
    It's not fun to have a $200 brick sitting around.

    2009-06-23 11:06 PM
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    If your phone is under warranty why would they charge you any money? Someone is not right here. Second, if you have the 2g model, how is it still under warranty? Especially, since you got it in 2007 (2yrs ago) and the warranty is only good for 365 days. Sorry to tell you, but you are not quite clear about your warranty and the reason they were going to charge you was because you warranty expired probably a year ago.

    You can get the 3g 8GB for 99 with a 2 yr contract.
    2009-06-23 11:35 PM
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    ok try this

    First download clean 3.0 FW for your phone, save somewhere on PC
    Now plug in your phone to Itunes
    Let go of POWER BUTTON After a few seconds, (KEY IS SCREEN MUST STILL BE BLACK)
    Dont let go of Home till Itune recognizes it and says you have to do a restore

    Restore via Shift and Restore on Windows, not sure on MAC and find that clean 3.0 you downloaded
    You should be ok

    Then if all is okay and you have a clean 3.0 then you can use PWNAGE to Jailbreak

    Hope that helps

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware
    2009-06-23 11:37 PM
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    Sorry to tell you, but you are not quite clear about your warranty and the reason they were going to charge you was because you warranty expired probably a year ago.

    My phone is under warranty through the AppleCare protection plan.

    From their website, based on my Serial #:

    2. Warranty information about your iPhone

    Our records indicate that your product is covered for service and telephone support under the AppleCare Protection Plan which is estimated to expire on August 02, 2009.

    Your product is eligible for complimentary phone support which is estimated to expire on August 03, 2009.

    Dallasnights, I tried what you said.

    The result:

    The phone is still unresponsive.
    I plug it in and the screen stays black.
    Itunes doesn't recognize it.
    After holding power and home and doing as you said nothing happens.

    The power button isn't stuck, but could there be something wrong with it? Before all of this happened, it seemed to be shorting out. As in, it would work sometimes and not others (when trying to go into "sleep mode")

    Although, wouldn't the computer or a wall outlet still charge the phone either way, regardless if the button was broken?
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