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  1. kiranmadoori's Avatar
    I have been searching for hours now, but anyways i have a iphone 3g 3.0 JB and unlocked. this is my problem I upgraded to 3.0 using itunes 8.2 then JB and Unlocked it, then I wanted to sync all my apps back to the phone. I downloaded "Appsync," and then rebooted, fine, then went back into itunes 8.2 and started to sync all my apps into the phone, then i realized that its not "recommended" to do that, so while it was backing up my phone (before itunes could put apps on the phone) I canceled the sync. I downgraded to itunes 8.1.1 and renamed all those itune folder files and whatnot, restarted itunes 8.1, and now I'm getting a message stating "This iphone cannot be used requires itunes 8.2"
    I've looked and looked please advise guys!! the phone is working fine and all, but i want to put my stuff in there! What should I Do?
    Thanks in advance!
    2009-06-24 09:14 AM
  2. Scoops98's Avatar
    There isn't a problem syncing apps from iTunes once Appsync is installed. I do it myself. And, 3.0 requires iTunes 8.2. No luck with that one, I'm afraid.
    2009-06-24 09:59 AM