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    ugh. I'm in a complete disaster!

    I just came home from van's Warped Tour and recorded tons of videos and took lots of pics on my iphone. When I tried to SCP/SSH into my phone, I would get an error and would get disconnected. After browsing through some iphone sites, I read that this problem can be fixed after reinstalling SSH. So I uninstalled SSH and was brought up to "Restart Springboard". I proceeded and the phone at this point froze.

    When I rebooted, I was presented with the white Apple logo and eventually, the circling "loading" swirles would appear continuously. My computer can only detect the phone when I put it into recovery DFU mode, which is some good news. I can restore it, but I'd lose *everything*!

    I jailbroke my phone with redsn0w on Windows. I searched a lot for my phone's symptoms. I came up with 2 topics regarding:

    Has anyone ran into these problems? Is it possible for me to recovery my data? What can I do?

    I lost a day's worth of memories... jailbreak on iPhone 3.0 is a f*cking joke! I had 2.2.0 working like a charm without any sort of problems.


    edit1: this is on iphone 3G
    2009-06-28 10:38 AM
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    Unfortunately probably the only saving grace you may have had was to be able to SSH into the phone, but since that was uninstalled........a restore is probably your only option.

    Check out our news page for a "rock your phone" update which has an app that will recover your phone from crashes like that, dunno if it'll help you out now.......but at least in the future.
    2009-06-28 07:29 PM
  3. perry753's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I'll keep my phone stock for now and perhaps jailbreak once again when less problems exist.
    2009-06-28 10:25 PM