1. eatdirt1's Avatar
    im just woundering if anybody here has purchased parts from chinaontrade,i want to change my iphones back cover but im not convinced since this is china,and who knows if the parts will fit like oem.
    2009-06-30 04:19 PM
  2. gordo2150's Avatar
    Don't fall for it! We have a few good sources for parts in USA, even though is my peep's, but I don't buy if I do not know the source! what parts are you looking for!
    2009-06-30 04:37 PM
  3. eatdirt1's Avatar
    can you tell me were these sources are? im looking into changing the back cover for a red one,but i dont want just a slip on cover,i want the real thing.
    2009-07-01 12:57 AM
  4. chaknchngo's Avatar
    I bought from Chinaontrade. They are a legit company and shipped everything in a timely manner. They have not answered any of my 2 emails that I've sent them, but I did get the 2 complete back covers that I ordered.

    Here are the problems with them:
    1) Poor Quality.
    2) Bezel does not have the proper mounting for the vibrate piece.
    3) SIM slot won't line up correctly.
    4) Back cover feels thinner/cheaper
    5) Bezel fees A LOT lighter than the original one. There is a definite quality difference between the two.
    6) Camera does not have plastic cover on it.
    7) Speaker does not have mesh cover (I believe it's sold seperately)
    8) SIM tray is out of spec. Won't hold SIM card because it's smaller.
    9) All the other plastics feel lighter, poor quality.

    I bought the blue and red one. It was a complete waste of time and now I have to find another original bezel & cover. I think it's not worth the time and the risk of screwing up your iPhone to get that changed. You can read the steps @ ifixit and look on step 19+, there are many small parts that it gets really frustrating at times. Fortunately for me I had an extra iPhone sitting around that I could have played with. Note that this was for the iPhone 3G.

    This information are only for the cases that they sell. I was very dissatisfied with them. However chinaontrade as a company seems to be a very legit company and ship the good on time.
    2009-08-21 06:00 PM