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    Hi all

    I have an 8GB 3G jailbroken to OS 3.0. The iphone was locked to the official UK carrier O2 bu I've unlocked it to Orange using Ultrasn0w.

    Since the unlock I've noticed that SMS messages are taking forver to come through and calls are instantly going to voice mail despite having full service. Often I'll get a glut of messages arrive from earlier in the day once I make a call. Its like the network connection is dropping and reconnecting only when I make a call.

    Things I've done to narrow the issue down.

    1. Swapped the sims to new phones, ie my o2 sim back to the iphone and my orange sim back to my LG KF750. Both phones recieve messages and calls as normal.

    2. Rebuilt the software and re-jailbroken. Probelm persists.

    3. Reset my Orange sim in my LG KF750 (turned network selection from automatic to manual and back again)

    I'm beginning to think this is an issue that seems to be specific to the jailbreak or an unindentified app.

    Is anyone else on Orange UK expirencing similar issues.

    Thanks in advance.

    2009-07-03 06:28 PM