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    which one is better and why?
    2008-03-14 06:26 AM
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    Good question, I was wondering the same thing since ziphone downgraded mine.
    2008-03-14 06:36 AM
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    Stolen from HowardForums:

    Why can't 04.03.13_G be unlocked while retaining BL 4.6? - This is your originial question.

    To answer this, you need to understand our uses of the bootloader and the difference between the two. Keep in mind that on the UI/firmware/feature level, there is ZERO difference between one version and the other. Basically what this means is that a bootloader does not (and will never) contribute/limit any feature or ability the iPhone currently has or will have in the future. So, if you are holding onto bootloader v4.6 in hopes that it has some secret feature that is yet to be unlocked, then you will most likely be disappointed.

    The bootloader is a ROM based system that is used partly to facilitate writing and erasing of parts of the flash memory that is found in your iPhone. This flash based storage includes space where the unit stores the baseband. The difference between the two versions is it's function within itself and not the rest of the phone. The most important and defining difference between 3.9 and the newer 4.6 is how it handles baseband downgrades and over-writes.

    To illustrate the difference, let's talk baseband downgrading/unlocking.

    If you guys have every tried downgrading your baseband manually using a BL3.9 phone before, you'll know that you need two things: 1) ieraser to erase your baseband, and 2) the SECPACK file.

    If you've downgraded basebands before, the following might make a bit more sense to you. When downgrading basebands, one of the key components that lets you do this is the secpack file that ieraser uses. I'm not going to go into detail regarding the inner workings of ieraser, but it looks for the 'secpack' file in its process to modify the baseband. BL3.9 allows you to use a secpack version that is EQUAL or NEWER to the current baseband to make modifications.

    For example, if you were downgrading from 4.02 (from 1.1.2) to 3.14 (from 1.0.2) baseband with a phone that is BL3.9, you would be able to use the secpack from 1.1.2 to make the baseband modifications.

    However, BL4.6 is a bit different as it will ONLY allow you to use a secpack version that is NEWER than the current baseband to make the same modifications. If you are doing the same downgrade as mentioned above with a BL4.6 phone, you would need to use the secpack from 1.1.3 to downgrade the 1.1.2 phone.

    Unlocking the baseband follows the exact same concept. Unlocks on BL3.9 phones are easy because since you are re-writting the baseband, you can use the secpack from the same version of the baseband.

    On BL4.6, you would need the secpack from a newer baseband to make a modification on your current baseband, making it impossible to unlock the phone on your current baseband without a newer one being released.

    What does this mean? People with BL4.6 will always be one (1) baseband version behind of the newest, while BL3.9 phones will be unlocked almost immediately (barring other development problems).


    So, in answer to your question 'Why can't 04.03.13_G be unlocked while retaining BL 4.6?', The short answer is that IT CAN. However, there is no 'TOOL' or guide that will help you here, as I'm certain that the majority of the population has gone ahead and downgraded their bootloaders - It does come down to demand. However, if you DO want to unlock it, all you will need is the following:

    1) 1.1.4 SECPACK
    2) FLS. package for an unlocked baseband
    3) ieraser and bbupdater

    I hope my explanation shows how trival and mal-justified (on a technical level) your insistance on sticking with BL4.6 actually is. It is almost contradictory, as you want the BL4.6 functions, but not limitation of using an older baseband. You see, the BL4.6 function *IS* the fact that it makes you use the older baseband. There is no other difference in the bootloaders.

    Now, this is not to say that there are not any good reasons to stay on BL4.6; only from a technical aspect. The best reason to stay on 4.6 is for warranty purposes, as I don't really know of a way to upgrade to BL4.6 if you need warranty work.

    Finally, you should know that any type of solution to being able to write through BL4.6 using a same-version SECPACK will invovle some kind of BL hacking. In lew of this, you need to ask yourself: Let's just say they hacked BL4.6, or came out with a custom BL4.6. Would you be more comfortable running a hacked bootloader on your phone (It says BL4.6, but behaves exactly like BL3.9), or running a legit BL3.9 on your phone?
    2008-03-14 07:10 AM