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    I recently got an old iPhone. A friend helped me wipe it clean and installed 3.0 on it, unlocked and jailbroke it. It was working superbly - I installed tons of apps via the App Store as well as Cydia/Icy. Trouble came up when (I think) I installed Veency and/or Stack and after restarting, the iPhone was getting stuck at the boot screen and rebooting in a loop.

    I did the DFU mode recover and restore thing myself this time. Used the same custom ipsw that my friend had used. I restored my backup using iTunes. Then I started installing a bunch of Cydia apps. I was using Icy, actually. qTweeter, backgrounder, biteSMS, etc.

    I just installed vlc4iphone and Cycorder and I realised that they don't work! Cycorder takes a second or two to just quit after a black screen, while vlc4iphone just quits almost as soon as the screen turns blank! I went into Icy to remove Cycorder and vlc4iphone. I figured I'd try to reinstall them using Cydia, as I had used Cydia to install it before the restore I did myself. But Cydia doesn't work either!! It asks me who I am - User, Hacker, Developer - but it quits as soon as I pick any of those options.

    I thought of trying to manually reinstall Cydia using SSH, but I can't seem to puTTY into the phone, being greeted with the following:

    dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _login
    Referenced from: /usr/sbin/sshd
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

    dyld: Symbol not found: _login
    Referenced from: /usr/sbin/sshd
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

    Now, how do I get...
    1. Cydia working again?
    2. vlc4iphone working again?
    3. Cycorder working again?
    4. rid of the error while logging in and SSH into the iphone?

    2009-07-08 12:38 PM
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    Fixed this!

    I started the terminal via WinSCP, since Putty wouldn't let me log in. I ran a bunch of apt-get commands, and figured out that it was telling me something about vlc4iphone not being installed properly or files were missing or something. So I did an apt-get update followed by an apt-get install com.zodttd.vlc4iphone and now everything works - cycorder and cydia as well!

    I guess I can say thanks for giving me the time to help myself! :-P

    Now to figure out why SBSettings "more" screen and MobileTerminal crash..
    2009-07-11 01:43 PM
  3. xsouldeaths's Avatar
    thanks man I thought I would never be able to SSH or putty or whatever into my iPod again now that terminal and putty from my computer both died. But apparently winSCP can still do it.
    2009-09-17 02:35 AM

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