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    hi i just got an iphone (3gs) and i want to jailbreak it mostly so that i can change the text bubble colors and theme. but i was wondering if jailbreaking the iphone causes any problems or glitches in the phone? does it make it slower or anything? will everything else still work the same way it did before? thanks!
    2009-07-11 07:06 PM
  2. Bo's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi
    Occasionally there are a few glitches during the J/B process but none that can not be fix with a restore in iTunes and just J/B again.
    It all works the same but now you have so many more options and availability of all the 3rd party apps and themeing.
    There are a ton of threads on this, have fun and look around.
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    2009-07-11 07:16 PM

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