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  1. Deisesupes's Avatar
    First post - great forum btw.

    I've jailbroken the phone...and now have Cydia on the question is...there's not a whole lot on there and a lot of it requires payment etc. How else can jailbreaking the phone be beneficial for me? What am I missing?

    Apologies, I'm an obvious newbie.
    2009-07-15 06:49 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi
    I would say that 90% (or more) of the apps, tweaks and themeing available on Cydia is free. You should look around. If your reason for jailbreaking your phone was for themes, there are tons. Also have a look around in our download section here on the forum.
    I would suggest that you also learn how to use an SSH program. This will allow you to access your iPhone files system to manage and make other tweaks.
    For Windows there is WinScp (Wifi) or iPhone browser (USB) or Mac there is Cyberduck. Have a look around the forum, see what interest you and have fun.
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    2009-07-15 07:58 PM
  3. Deisesupes's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply....I used WinSCP the other night to put snes games onto the phone so I'm up on that now. Will head over to the download section now...if there's anything else anybody thinks I should know...please tell me!

    thanks guys
    2009-07-15 08:01 PM