1. makaveli1212's Avatar
    Hey so on 2.2.1, when we had installer I had asVibra and Rename app, I just wanted to know if theres any way to get these now? asVibra just changed the text vibration to 3 instead of 1 and I just wanted to know fi theres any way I can do that for 3.0? And also if theres any way to just rename ur apps?

    Also, do any of the SMS wallpapers or custom keyboards work yet? Ive tried many keyboards like macbook air and ti does not work...same with sms wallpapers like appleSMS...things like that. Just wanted to know if any work?

    2009-07-17 07:39 AM
  2. bteamer's Avatar
    I've heard that the keyboards don't work on 3.0 yet. But as for asVibra and Rename, I just checked my Cydia and can confirm that neither of them are there. Sorry :/
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    2009-07-17 03:35 PM