1. wheeldog's Avatar
    Hi. I upgraded my iPhone to 2.2 and had no problems. Then, I decided to do my wife's iPhone and was real stoopid about it as I had no back-up of her phone and so, lost all her contacts and photos. I think I'm more upset about it than her, but is there any way to et this data back? I have tried several programs such as recover4all Pro, Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery, Stellar Photo Recovery, and not a single one will recognize the iPhone. I can see the iPhone in the Windows directory and can see the contents using TC with Tpot. I am running windows XP system.
    2009-07-19 05:49 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    I think you pretty much summed it up. You're outta luck.
    2009-07-19 05:51 PM