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    I would really like to know if there is anyway to get an iPhone to use a non-at&t sim card. Would jailbreaking work? Do i use redsn0w? Whatever the solution, could someone point me in the direction of a program i could use to a jailbreak an iPhone 3G. i'm pretty sure it has 3.0 firmware. i was told the model was something like a 2.2.1 (not sure what that means). if anyone could help me out that would be great

    bump. please ive searched and found no answer
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    2009-07-21 11:50 PM
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    You have to jailbreak....then you can use "UltraSnow"...theres a huge thread which is in the news section of our site...which is also the main page.
    2009-07-21 11:52 PM