1. eyeball's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've been following the forums around jail breaking my 3GS and just want to clarify a few points before going ahead and jail breaking (I'm currently favouring Purplera1n at the moment as it seems to be simpler). As I understand it the process so far is two step:

    1. Backup your iBEC/iBSS files / ECID number
    2. Run Purplera1n RC2 or Redsn0w

    With step one there seems to be two posts, one that gives a tutorial for getting the iBEC/iBSS files and another for generating a file from your ECID number through the Purplera1n site. Is it best to do both or will running one or the other give you the same amount of "future proofing".

    If I install Purplera1n and something goes wrong/want to return to vanilla for some reason, can I just factory restore and apply my latest backup without any ill effect?

    In its current incarnation (RC2) will Winterboard etc work without having to tweak things?

    Is it best to upgrade to the absolutely latest version of iTunes (the one that blocks the Palm Pre) as I'm currently running one version behind that (sorry, I can't recall the version numbers at the moment!!).

    Many Thanks!!
    2009-07-28 02:58 PM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    Backing up all of the items you mentioned is good insurance. Obtaining the IBEC and IBSS files is a separate procedure than getting the ECID. I would do both.

    Running the jailbreak is separate as well.

    Winterboard works fine with Redsn0w. I haven't used Purplera1n so I can't say from personal experience.
    2009-07-28 03:43 PM