1. krzywy77's Avatar
    hi, i'm new owner of iphone 3g so i don't know much about it.
    i've installed cydia (latest version with software 3.0) and it seemed to be good but now when i want to install even a free app from itunes during the installation my computer loses iphone (it dissapears from itunes) and the installation cannot be completed.
    when i try do to something with cydia, after few seconds cydia is shutting down and i'm on main screen of iphone again.
    can u please help me and tell me what to do to use a jailbroken iphone properly?
    2009-07-29 04:41 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    Cydia is down right now.
    It's back up now...

    Try to reboot your phone..
    2009-07-29 05:00 PM
  3. krzywy77's Avatar
    now cydia is running properly but when connected to pc i try to install some apps frome itunes and during the installation of skype (about 15%)it just disconnects me without any window, itunes just doesn't see my iphone anymore, and on iphone's screen it still synchronisate.
    do u know what can it possibly be?

    have you got any idea what to do guys? please
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    2009-07-29 07:37 PM
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