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    A friend of mine opened an AT&T account today and got the new 32GB 3GS Iphone and sold it to me. I have TMobile and of course am going to jailbreak it and then unlock it. I have been researching all over the forums and have seen there are a few different ways to jailbreak and unlock and iphone 3gs. I want to know if as of today there is a most successful way or more preferred way? That is obviously the route I want to take when doing this. Im sorry if this questioned is asked a lot I just want to be sure I am doing it the right way and the best possible way as well.

    If you need to know the firmware on the 3gS i got is 04.26.08 and the Version is 3.0

    Thank you to anyone who can help me? If you can lead me to a guide that would be best! Thanks again!
    2009-08-06 10:32 PM
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    well, other people might disagree, but I always stick with the tools from the dev team. for you that means:

    1. Update your phone to 3.0.1 in iTunes
    2. run redsn0w (newest version). when it asks you for an IPSW do NOT point it to the 3.0.1 firmware but rather to the 3.0 firmware. don't worry, it will work even if you have 3.0.1 installed on your phone. you can download the 3.0 firmware file from the downloadsection of MMi. also make sure you have your t-mobile sim card in your phone when you start redsn0w.
    3. follow the instructions redsn0w gives you PRECISELY. seriously, make sure you read everything!
    4. when redsn0w is done, connect to the internet, open cydia and add "" (without "s) to your sources
    5. install ultrasn0w from cydia
    6. enjoy your phone
    2009-08-06 10:36 PM
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    Can you link me to where I get the newest version of redsn0w? Also when will it ask me for the IPSW? I am not sure what that is and am curious when that step will come up and how I make sure its pointed to 3.0 instead of 3.1. Thanks!
    2009-08-06 10:39 PM
  4. dvn821's Avatar
    Its best to keep 3.0 OS. Don't upgrade to 3.0.1 I heard a lot of problems from it.
    If I helped thank me!
    2009-08-06 10:49 PM
  5. ianbroste's Avatar
    Dev-Team Blog - redsn0w in june

    hes talking when it asks to to choose a firmware during the jailbreak process you will see its easy, choose 3.0 instead of 3.0.1

    MAC guide

    WINDOWS guide
    2009-08-06 10:50 PM
  6. tjlamro's Avatar
    Can you only download the new redsn0w as a torrent from that site Dev-Team Blog - redsn0w in june Cause I don't use torrents
    2009-08-06 11:01 PM
  7. ianbroste's Avatar
    No, you can download from either of the guides I posted
    2009-08-06 11:07 PM
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    dev-team blog - redsn0w in june

    hes talking when it asks to to choose a firmware during the jailbreak process you will see its easy, choose 3.0 instead of 3.0.1

    mac guide

    windows guide
    ^ +1 100%
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    2009-08-06 11:14 PM
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    Thank you all for your help
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    2009-08-07 06:27 AM