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    Hey everyone! I recently bought an iPhone 2G for a reasonable price. The previous owner said it hadn't been jailbroken (FW 1.1.4) but it was already unlocked by an app that I can't remember. So the first thing I did was download redsn0w 0.7.2 / 8.0 (Windows) and FW 3.0. (THANK YOU cash7c3!!! You can find the tutorial here). I read all the steps/procedures, connected my iPhone, and proceeded to jailbreak the iPhone. It was quite unnerving coz I thought I would BRICK the thing. But everything went rather well.

    Attempt #1:
    After the first attempt, it looked great. Everything was working well, except for the fact that I didn't insert the sim card when I jailbreaked/unlocked it. Then, when I tried to use Cydia, it kinda crashed and I thought... Why not jailbreak it again with the sim inserted and I also found that when you use redsn0w, don't check 'cydia' and 'icy' at the same time (For some reason, they don't want to be installed at the same time, don't ask me why coz I don't know the answer... hehehe).

    Attempt #2:
    I proceeded to jailbreak it again and everything was going well until I saw a very strange-looking icon on the front of my iPhone. It looked like a cable with the iTunes logo. I said to myself... maybe it's supposed to do that... but after waiting for about 30 mins without anything happening, I decided to shut it down and restart it. But, after turning it on, iTunes said I should restore the iPhone. So I did. It asked me for an update, I said YES. So now, it started downloading 3.0.1. So I waited and then the restoration process started. To my surprise, after iTunes was done with my iPhone. It told me to activate the thing. Activate what??? So, now... I thought... I'm screwed! So I decided it was time for attempt number 3.

    Attempt #3
    Now, I thought, I have more experience, more confidence and NO CHOICE. So again, opened redsn0w 8.0 (this time), added the 3.0 FW, added the bootloaders, checked cydia and unlock (NOT ICY) and prayed really hard. And... voila! It worked! But when I check the FW, it said 3.0.1. but at least it was working. So I was happy.

    The next thing I did was to download a lot of games and apps and installed one thing after another until I got tired of it. But there was still something wrong with the phone. I did not get my SMS on time and when people called me, they said that my number was 'unavailable' even if my signal was strong. My battery was draining so fast that I had to recharge the thing every 5 hours or so. It got me thinking that it was a hardware problem or a battery problem coz the phone is almost 1 year old now.

    Again, I scoured google and the forums looking for the answer and I discovered SBSettings. Installed it, tapped on the unwanted thingys and waited. Still the same. I tried using a different sim card (from another provider) and then it happened. I was receiving all my calls, all my SMS and all I needed was to change sim cards. Then, I discovered an app called PUSH FIX. Installed it, placed my old sim back and now the phone is like new. Battery life is about 2/3 days (depends if I play games or listen to music it might be 1 day), I receive all my SMS now and calls, too. I think for the iPhone 2G, there is a big problem with GPRS and EDGE trying to outdo one another. I guess for a newbie, I got lucky and found the solutions to my iPhone and I'm sure you will, too! Just be patient and willing to log in lots of hours reading the forums. There are a lot of people in the forums willing to help out so just be nice and say THANKS =D

    So, here's my THANK YOU to all of you!!!

    Now, if anyone can help me change my SMS tones, coz I'm getting really frustrated converting, renaming, installing, and then hearing nothing, your help would be most appreciated. Hehehe!
    2009-08-10 06:55 PM
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    Great story, I applaud you that you worked out you problems, searched forums and Goggled for the information. A story with a happy ending. How cool.
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    2009-08-10 07:16 PM
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    Thanks blkcadi I hope other newbies get inspired to not give up and try things out. BTW, I also found our that the SMS alert has to be really short (1-3 secs) in order to be changed. Long SMS alerts are not allowed I think.
    2009-08-11 05:13 AM
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    Hey this helped me out. Thanks
    2009-09-01 10:49 PM
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    where did you find the app "push fix"
    2009-09-02 03:10 PM