1. sierrardz27's Avatar
    hey! ive been trying hard to unlock my recently bought iphone 3GS with an OTB 3.0.1 firmware...,when i download the .rar file and extract it theres no .ipsw within, theres only bounch of .dmg files and of course redsnow freezes at the rebooting part of the unlocking process if i try using a diferent .ipsw file such as the 3.0.1.
    Do i need a mac computer to unlock this iphone? or Where can i find a usefull .ipsw?
    plz help!
    2009-08-14 01:07 AM
  2. russell5's Avatar
    You need to point redsnow to the 3.0 ipsw.
    I believe there is a link on the site somewhere for it.
    2009-08-14 01:26 AM
  3. sierrardz27's Avatar
    Ive been trying that, the thing is that i cant get the 3.0 ipsw, ive downloaded it from several sites, it alwas comes as a .rar or .zip file, but when i extrct it theres no .ipsw file, theres only .DMG files and several others i dont know, i resarched a little on the DMG files and they turn out to be apple based software... im working on windows vista... cant find the 3.0 ipsw file.
    2009-08-14 02:18 AM
  4. techierob's Avatar
    If you can't google something as simple as this!??

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    2009-08-14 07:39 AM
  5. sierrardz27's Avatar
    thx mr! works perfectly!
    just needed the correct .ipsw file.

    thx again for all ur help.
    have a great 1!!!

    2009-08-15 12:32 AM