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    Was reading this in another post

    Problems such as No signal or no WiFi can be localized to problems with the baseband.
    Baseband patching is relatively safe, however if a problem is encountered, it can be resolved by a simple software flash of the chip (refhttp://www.modmyi.com/forums/general-iphone-chat/205571-iphone-terminology.html#post1324301erred to as virginizing) which resets all settings and usually reverses any trouble caused.

    Ive tried the link and searched the forums for more info but no such luck. My wifi hasnt worked since 2.1 and I was hoping this may lead to a fix?

    My 3g is on 3.0(7A341) with modem frimware 04.26.08
    2009-08-15 03:43 PM
  2. gaz6076's Avatar
    No one on here know anything about this?

    Really want to get my wifi working againg and I think this could be the answer!
    2009-08-18 02:06 PM
  3. leandrogw's Avatar
    gaz6076 you may be correct. This looks like a way to try to solve it. I have the same no wifi problem ever since 2.1... used quickpwn at the time to jailbreak it.. and ever since, no luck on getting wifi back. I`m currently on 3.0 and will upgrade to 3.1 this weekend, and I`m hoping to virginize to see if it works.

    Have you actually virginized?
    2009-10-09 05:22 AM
  4. gaz6076's Avatar
    I never found out a way to virginize the iPhone. After a fair bit of googling I found that it's a very common problem as even with unjailbroken iPhones, or indeed iPhones that have never even been jailbroken. The only solution I could find to fix the greyed out "no wifi" was to stick the phone in the freezer for a few minutes. Although this only made it work for around 10 minutes. There was some one who wrote a how to on taping somthing to the wifi chip to keep it cool, but I can't remember where about. I'm sure it was on here somewhere. Let me no if you hav any luck. I certinaly havnt
    2009-10-10 11:20 AM