1. stoker's Avatar
    Not sure what I'm doing but I think I restored and upgraded my iPhone 2G to 3.0.1 and then had to find and reinstall Cydia apps but app store apps seemed to go into the iPhone with no problem. Today I downloaded 1 free and one paid-for app from app store but they're not appearing on the iPhone itself, only in the apps section of iTunes. I click on Sync it does it but apparently not because they're still not on the iPhone. What am I missing here? Please don't tell me I have to start from scratch again! Hoping someone can help....
    2009-08-20 07:44 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Did you respring your phone? Did you do a hard reset? If all else fails, DFU mode and restore =P You can also check Poof to see if for some odd reason they are hidden.
    2009-08-24 08:48 AM