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    Hey guys I am new to all of this but have done some reading and know pretty much what needs to be done but I do have some questions I havent been able to get anwsered.

    The first thing I want to do is get my iBSS and iBEC file and from what I read I can get these by putting my phone in DFU mode and restoring. I have one question about this, I have read that sometimes iTunes will give you a 16xx error and from what I read you can use Redsnow to "hacktivate" the iPhone to get past this. This may be totaly wrong I am not sure. What is the chance of such a error happening.

    The reason I am asking about this is I also read that if you hacktivate the iphone you lose push ablities from apple. Will this affect me if I have to hacktivate or is no since the phone was initialy activated the proper way?

    The second question is my phone is using 3.0.1 and I was told to get the iBSS and iBEC file i need itunes 8.2.0 not 8.2.1 which is what I got. Where can I get this version of itunes?

    Thanks guy sorry if my questions were a bit stupid just dont want to do something without understanding the process and any pitfalls that may occure.
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    2009-08-26 01:30 AM
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    I was under the impression redsn0w only worked for v3.00 not v3.01
    as for your other questions, sorry, I can not provide the answers you need. =[
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    Hey thanks for the reply. I managed to figgure it all out so its all good. To anwser your question while I havent done it yet I a am pretty sure (99%) sure it does work. The files that need to be jailbroken were not touched by 3.0.1 so the jailbreak works.

    The only problem is redsn0w has not been updated to work with the 3.0.1 ispw so you have to use the 3.0 one but since the files redsn0w is concerned with have not changed in the new version this is not a issue.
    2009-08-27 03:17 AM
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    ^ yes it does work on 3.0.1, but use the 3.0 .ipsw file
    2009-08-27 03:20 AM