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    Obviously you didnt read the first reply to my question, yeah a question.It didnt fall under the catagoery as small talk, bro. I was saying the reason i dont have many post is because i dont post for small talk. And i did search for the answer but couldnt find it so i asked. So i wont leach any more, i just got a email saying a loser tried to pwn me and failed
    So you don't post for small talk and the ONLY thing you contribute here is a question. And you call those who said something about that losers? Whatever dude, it's not going to break my heart to see some leecher who doesn't contribute anything but a question no longer leech here.

    And if you are referring to me as the loser because I "...tried to pwn you and failed" - supposedly anyhow, you might want to read a few of the other posts that came after yours and prior to mine because I'm not the only one here who feels like a member here should at least post something at the introductory board and maybe share a bit of knowledge towards jailbreaking or something relevant here... but perhaps that might be because you have nothing to contribute having simply been a leech here? And if you don't leech here anymore it's not a fail is it?
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