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    Hey guyz,

    As Apple has just released its latest 3.1 firmware for iPhone and iPod touch users at their Rock and Roll event.

    But due to suckishness of Apple this firmware is not free to update for iPod touch users, but I did updated my iPod to 3.1 without paying a penny.

    Actually I came across a blog which lets you upgrade to latest firmware for FREE.

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    2009-09-11 05:40 PM
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    Downloading firmware for free that should otherwise be paid for is illegal and will not be linked to here.
    2009-09-11 06:36 PM
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    No warez on MMi
    2009-09-11 06:36 PM
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    2009-09-11 06:38 PM
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    by 20 secs
    2009-09-11 06:40 PM