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  1. sunnyveil's Avatar
    I have a 3gs 32 gb, jailbroken 3.0.1 and was installing the emote keyboard from Cydia and my screen will only display the apple logo. It keeps turning itself on and off. Itunes can read my phone and sync, but I can't see the screen on the phone. I tried to do a restore backup that worked, still no screen. Tried to restore new using shift/restore and restore 3.0.1, but it reads the file and then tells me it is ineligible for that build. Anyone have a solution? I don't want to upgrade to 3.1!!
    2009-09-12 05:45 PM
  2. BlackWolf's Avatar
    if you don't want 3.1 or can't use it, you have to wait for 3.1 to get hacked. no way around that, sorry
    2009-09-12 06:53 PM

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