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    Looks like jailbreak 3.1 is out via pwnagetool for all of us 3g and lower users, but only for Mac right now. Can I restore and jailbreak using any old Mac, then (for loss of better words) restore from backup using my windows machine that I use to sync with? I would restore/jailbreak on the Mac, then when iTunes says do you want to restore from backup or set up as new phone, I would unplug my iphone and plug it into my Windows and allow iTunes to restore from backup. Would this work?

    PS: I don't need to unlock, just jailbreak, and right now I'm running iphone 3g 3.0.1
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    2009-09-16 12:34 AM
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    Possibly u just worded u'r post backwards - but for sake of argument:

    1 - U will allways loose the JB when restoring, so
    2 - Restore then JB

    I used the pwnagetool on a PC with OSx86 booted from an external drive - worked just fine.
    Do hope that helps


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    2009-09-16 12:50 AM
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    I think what he wants is to jailbreak with the mac then use the windows to sync with. Yes you can jailbreak with the mac. Then plug it into the windows and use iTunes there to resync. A JBing rule is to always setup as new, never restore old sync information. They say that because the way everything is installed and put together as you JB and install apps.

    Just be sure to do one last sync before you jailbreak so your contacts and other stuff is updated.
    2009-09-16 04:53 AM