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    Gent's, FYI

    I updated my 3G yesterday to 3.1 and then Pawn'd it with the latest as I usually do. As I was reinstalling the Cydia Apps that I had on my previous OS version (3.0) when I got to installing the "Glasklart Weather Icon" (FYI: I use the Glasklart Theme in Winterboard) through Cydia, the package would load normally, but then I would notice that the spinning wheel that occurs during installation would stall for a sec and then finish. After a respring the phone would then go into "Safe Mode" and would continually stay there, even after several reboots. I restored my phone twice during this process making sure that I checked each package to make sure there were no compatibility problems. Only when I got to the Glasklart Weather Icon install, this would happen again! I think there is an issue/incompatiblility with this app on 3.1. The Glasklart theme itself seems to work just fine, just the add-on Weather Glasklart Icon install is the issue. Just wanted to advise everyone... Just remember to load each Cydia app and verify that it is stable with the OS or you'll face the headache of a restore each time...
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