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    help help
    2009-09-22 07:27 AM
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    Im assuming you're new to all this, and honestly, your best option might be to search youtube, they'll give you a video and supply download links to this site.
    It's only impossible if you quit.
    2009-09-22 07:31 AM
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    Welcome to MMi,
    Use redsn0w 8 to jailbreak and ultrasn0w to unlock if needed.
    XP or Vista. you need to open "My Computer"
    XP - go to the top menu and select options > Folder Options
    Vista - Top left button that says Organize > Folder and Search Options
    In that window you need to click the " VIEW " tab on top.
    Then unclick the option to " hide protected operating system files "
    Once that's done click "apply" then ok and exit out of the window.
    Upgrade = click upgrade in iTunes
    Clean restore = Click restore in iTunes and not restore from backup
    Upgrading a major version needs a clean restore. Upgrading a minor version should be OK with an upgrade.
    Same goes for backups - do not restore from a backup made in a FW with a major change but minor changes are fine.
    A number change is major and a decimal change (e.g. 3.0 -> 3.1) is minor.
    2009-09-22 07:32 AM
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    hi thanks for your help i have downloaded redsnow 0.8 and have extract it. now i have open it and it says welcome to redsnow and has browse what do i open


    says please select the corresponding IPSW for your current frimware then browse
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    2009-09-22 07:42 AM
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    What OS, 3.0 or 3.0.1?
    you should have downloaded a 3.0 restore file, did you? If not it will be in the same link I gave you. Make sure it has a .ipsw extension
    2009-09-22 07:45 AM
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    ye i tried to download it and it says page not found click download and u will see Downloads

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    2009-09-22 07:51 AM
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    try this link
    2009-09-22 07:55 AM
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    ok so when i finshe downloading it what do i browse in redsnow

    2009-09-22 07:59 AM
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    yup, it will give you step by step
    2009-09-22 08:01 AM
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    hi again i have done the firware thing were that pinapple cums up and installs it and then it restarts the iphone automatically what do i do now


    i now have cydia in my apps

    thanks mate for all your help got it working

    thanks again
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    2009-09-22 09:51 AM