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    i got my white 3gs 32gb with 3.0.1 firmware, i jailbreaked it using redsn0w only for jailbreak.. every thing seems fine, cydia works and icy too.. then after awile in use, i started icy, and when i started download a theme, it hanged, i tried to reboot, but it will never start up totaly, only showing the apple logo.. i know i could just connect to itunes and download the latest firmware and then the phone is working again.. but then no jailbreak..

    as for now the phone still has 3.0.1

    so is the any trick to get the phone start up again?
    i have tried to start the jailbreak once again with no final startup, just the same
    have tried irecovery, but no luck, maybe i did something wrong..i don't know
    and i have tried purplera1n, it manages to comunicate with the phone but no startup..just the dam apple logo..

    could someone help me.. do i really have to get 3.1??
    2009-09-27 04:56 PM