1. charmaine0012's Avatar
    hi. i havent updated my iphone in a while and i need to unlock my iphone since i'll be leaving the country in a few weeks. i have an an jailbroken iphone 3g with 2.1 firmware and i'd like to update it to firmware 3.0 or 3.0.1 so i can unlock it with redsnow.

    another question: does it matter that i jailbroke it the first time with quickpwn and now im gonna use redsnow or do i still have to use quickpwn when i rejailbreak it after updating?
    2009-10-01 11:05 AM
  2. BlackWolf's Avatar
    doesn't really matter what you used before. but you shouldn't mix up JB and Unlock. redsn0w will not unlock your phone, it will jailbreak it.

    what you do is: download FW 3.0, restore to 3.0 via itunes (restore, not update, be sure you restore to 3.0 not 3.1, I can't stress that enough!). then you activate the phone with your normal simcard, then you run redsn0w on it, then you add repo666.ultrasn0w.com to your cydia sources, then you install ultrasn0w from cydia -> done.

    2009-10-01 02:40 PM