1. jekyoo_style's Avatar
    So I just bought a used iPhone 3GS that's currently on 3.0 and I want to delete all the previous owner's content. I know restoring is out of the question since it won't sign 3.0 or 3.0.1 firmwares. Will doing a "erase all content and settings" work? I'm not 100% positive but doing that doesn't put my phone in restore mode right? Like when it's done, doesn't it go back to the locked screen? So from then on, I can just jailbreak/unlock it again while still being on 3.0.

    Thanks in advance,

    2009-10-02 02:58 AM
  2. teme's Avatar
    i tried it once on my 3g and ended up rejailbreaking it again cause the phone got hung up during the process. it was like 12 hours already and still in the same screen. rejailbroke and everything was fine again. this happened last week. not sure on a 3gs, u might or might not get lucky.
    maybe someone else has tried and had no problems.
    wait till someone with more experience chimes in. i've only had iphones for a few weeks
    2009-10-02 03:11 AM
  3. Topher87's Avatar
    You will need to restore, and therefore only be able to restore to 3.1.

    If you must do this, do reset all settings, reset home screen, reset location, reset network.

    I made the fatal mistake of doing erase all content and settings, half way through I realised what I had done.

    My phone is now temporarily bricked, as I am not going to update to 3.1 or I will loose the ability to unlock.

    I need to wait for the 3gs unlock, and jailbreak for 3.1.

    The worst part about this for me, is that I had just replaced the LCD/Digitiser and was really looking forward to using it. I felt like such an idiot, but at least I can pass on my experience to you.

    I will just need to survive with my 2G, as I have for the last year and a bit. The 3GS will work again soon, I just need to be patient.
    2009-10-02 04:41 AM