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    I am going to get a new phone in a week or two, and I'm set on the iphone 3GS. I've never owned an iphone before, and one of the first things I'd like to do is jailbreak it.

    I have a couple of questions that I'd appreciate some answers to.

    1) if I jailbreak my iphone, can I still shop at the apple apps store?

    2) are the applications on cydia duplicates of the apple app store, overlaps of the apple app store plus other stuff not in the apple app store, or completely different stuff from the apple app store?

    3) are the apps on cydia all free, or is this just another "store" where some things are free and some are paid for.

    4) i'm not sure what OS will ship with my iphone 3gs, but what would be the best procedure to upgrade to the latest jailbroken OS? I have both windows and MAC computers to run pwnage tool on.

    5) why do people say all apps become "free" when you jailbreak your iphone? is this because they are running insatllous or something?

    6) does jailbreaking your phone allow multitasking?

    7) does multitasking slow the phone down, or does jailbreaking itself slow the phone down? I've read that running certain eye-candy apps like winterboard slow the phone down.

    Thanks everyone!!!

    two more questions...

    how is the storage on the iphone partitioned? is one part user data and one part OS? so if you jailbreak you only change the OS, not the user data, right? so pictures, videos, etc stay on the phone fine.

    if i buy or download any apps from the apple store, and THEN i jailbreak the phone, do i lose the apps i downloaded from the apple store? those would be on the OS side of the storage, right?
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    1. Yes
    2. Completely different stuff, some applications are similar, but for the most part its nothing from the app store.
    3. Some are pay for, most are free
    4. Your gonna need to cross your fingers and hope you get a 3.0 or 3.0.1 phone... you maybe SOL if you don't. The current 3.1 jailbreak requires you have already been jailbroken before upgrading. You maybe safer buying a phone gently used, thats guaranteed to be on 3.0 or 3.0.1.
    5. Yeah some people "steal" apps, but for the most part, apps are very cheap, and alot of the developers have to make a living from their apps, its not fair to them to steal their work.
    6. Yeah, Backgrounder
    7. Jailbreaking it self doesn't slow the phone down, I feel winterboard slows the phone down, but the 3gs is pretty powerful, it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Muti-tasking is AMAZING with the 3gs, i have about 6-8 apps open at once, it does crash sometimes, but with sbsettings you can close that application manually.

    a. Yup, there are multiple partitions
    b. Apps are stored with the music and pictures and stuff. When you purchase stuff from the app store, it is linked to your iTunes account. No matter what device you use, when you sync up and download that app again, it will say this app was previously purchased on this itunes account, and it will be free. So if the phone breaks, and you have it replaced, you can literally download all your purchased apps on your drive back home.
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