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    I'm going to pick up a brand new 3gs iphone tomorrow and I guess it will have the latest firmware on it.

    From what I understand it's not possible to jailbreak the latest firmware so does anyone know if I'd be able to downgrade the firmware to 3.0 then jailbreak?

    I'm doing this for a friend so I'd rather not attempt to jailbreak it at all and just return it to the shop if there's a risk I'll screw it up by downgrading the firmware

    Also I'm in the UK and this phone is for a friend to use in a different country. I've seen some warnings about basebands but I'm not sure what this means. Could the jailbreak/firmware downgrade affect the operation of the phone abroad?

    Edit: Ive since found out that if its got firmware 3.1 then it cannot be downgraded and cannot as yet be unlocked.

    If it has firmware 3.0 or 3.0.1 then i assume unlocking will be ok and there wont be any problems using the phone abroad. Is this correct?

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