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    I jailbroke my friend's iPod Touch 2g 3.0 a while ago, but he wants it back to normal now, so anway, I know I can just restore (to 3.1.2), but I think he has a lot of contacts, notes, calender, game high scores etc. So how would I go about preserving all of that? Should I let iTunes back it up and then restore from backup? Because I've read its bad to restore a non-JB iPhone/iPod Touch from a backup that was made when it was jailbroken. I don't really mind if a there's a bit of memory wasted, he has the 16 GB model. Or is there another way? Thanks!
    2009-10-14 03:24 AM
  2. bog999's Avatar
    yes there is a way download free apps download 5 any dosnt matter then download SBSETTINGS from cydia click the time at the top keep doing it till a box comes click "More" click "Dock Applications" put cydia and the five apps u downdloaded nothing else then press ok the dock over loads and puts your ipod into "Safe Mode" click restart and your ipod will come back Cydia and the other 5 apps are gone nothing else...

    if it dosnt work try again
    2009-10-30 12:31 AM
  3. L00i3's Avatar
    If you just do a stock update, it won't overwrite any contacts, game saves, etc. It will get rid of the jailbreak though. If he wants to stay at 3.0, you should be able to download the 3.0 firmware, then Shift+Update and select the 3.0 firmware to install. I know the shift+Update works to "reverse jailbreak" on 3.1.2. 3.0 should work just fine on a 2G Touch since it's easy to make the phone take whatever firmware you want it to. The only problem is it leaves you with a large amount of wasted space on your ipod marked as "Other".
    2009-10-30 05:36 PM
  4. andyharp's Avatar
    Looking at iErase: Zero Free Space
    seems like if you did this method and did end up with this wasted space then maybe this app would fix the wasted space.
    Not sure though. If you try it please post back the results.
    good luck.
    2010-01-02 02:38 AM