1. RubberFreak's Avatar
    I plan on getting an iPhone 3G to use on a Tmobile network. I was wondering if I could jailbreak/unlock it for tmobile. I read that EDGE and Texts work on the iphone for tmobile, am i correct?

    If so can someone point the way to the guides of unlocking/jail breaking the 3G for tmobile. I looked through all the guides but it's confusing. there's something like Redsn0w and PwnageTools.

    2009-10-15 05:39 AM
  2. suezeeq12's Avatar
    What firmware is on the phone, what software are you using? It's those types of things that determine what your next step will be and what your options are.

    If you post that info someone should be able to guide you. Hope that helps!
    2009-10-15 02:24 PM
  3. guffey09's Avatar
    i have tmobile and it works great and i can give you a website that will show you the full unlocking process and show you where to get all the files you need just do not buy a 3g iphone on 3.1 firmware unless its unlocked already cause you will not be able to unlock it yet
    2009-10-15 07:03 PM