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    Its a simple question really but I am sooooo confused with all these new firmwares and 3GS specific things...
    Okay so I have an already jailbroken/unlocked Iphone 3G that I hacked myself, and has been that way since Jan of 09, with zero problems in all that time. Now, Ive travelled all year, never updated a thing since then, never updated in Itunes or anything, so Im still running the same firmware of 2.2(5G77) - So Im obviously operating ancient technology and because of it Im now running into problems left and right when trying to download new apps (they all need the newer firmware 2.21, 3.0 etc as you all know) Generally I am technically inclined but its really been a while since I worked with the Iphone and Im worried now cause I read that there was a new update from Itunes that if upgraded to it, it could result in my 3G not being able to rejailbrake? So Im just wondering how I should go about this.. I just simply want 3.0 firmware or any on my already jailbroken 3G so I can be up to date/unlocked and jailbroken again.. Right now I have itunes 8.02 on my PC ~ should I update Itunes/iphone to the newest software of 9.0, download the 3.0 firmware and jailbreak and unlock with redsnow?? Im not sure, I just dont want to play around and brick my phone cause I need this thing for work everyday. I figured cause I still have the old firmware, that it should be really easy to just update to 3.0, am I wrong??
    Id be very appreciative for some direction.. I just simply want to rejailbreak my already jailbroken 3G from 2.2 to 3.0 firmware ~ I wish I could do it myself but man, Im seriously lost out here lol ~ please guys, can you help me out!

    Thanks alot,
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    Upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.
    Synch all your data to iTunes.
    Download FW3.0 from the download section of this site.
    Hold Shift and click restore and make sure you select the 3.0 ipsw you downloaded from this site. Make sure you do not use the latest 3.12 FW from iTunes.
    Do not restore from a backup but set up as a new phone.
    Jailbreak with RedSn0w 0.8
    Add the repo repo66.ultrasn0w..com in cydia
    Install ultraSn0w
    Synch to iTunes.

    You now have FW3.0 unlocked with all your apps from the app store and everything else you synch to iTunes. You will lose call history, SMS and some settings.

    If you then wish to upgrade to 3.12 you will need to use a custom ipsw made on a Mac.
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