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    First of all I'm pretty new here. I've just recently joined and have found this forum amazingly helpful. Second, I'm not too sure if this belongs in the Jialbreaking section or Unlocking so I'm going to post it here. If I'm wrong, please someone let me know or an admin can move it to where it belongs.

    With that out f the way, one to the good stuff.
    I recently found myself with an iPhone 3G on 3.0.1 with 04.26 baseband. I'm the type that stays on FB, MySpace and Twitter. I connected my iPhone one day and while it was syncing I got a message saying that MySpace was no longer compatible. So - I was basically out of luck. As any normal person would do, I got on Google searching for a possible way to upgrade to 3.1.2 (a compatible version for the 'updated' MySpace App.

    Since I rely on an unlock to use my T-Mobile service I wasn't too optimistic... until I found this solution:

    I found a video on YouTube by Mk321024 which answered my prayers. It shows you how to upgrade and then unlock your iPhone. I've read the comments and have seen that some people have had issues and/or that it has not worked successfully. Myself, I've done this now for four(4) iPhones and have not had a problem once.

    To sum it up, you download the 1.) Custom IPSW and 2.) Restore your iPhone thru iTunes with the Custom IPSW. Since it's a Custom IPSW file, Cydia is installed by default and so is the Unltrasn*w source. You will need to actually install it yourself though. Another thing is that it seems to make the Carrier logo disappear but I always install 'Make It Mine' and just add it back in there.

    All in all it takes me about 10mins tops to get this done.

    **Disclaimer**: I have only tested this on iPhone 3G's. I have not tested it on any other Gen/Model.


    Links removed... please read the rules, no warez, cracked apps or custom firmware links

    Again, all credit goes to Mk321024. I am just posting it on this website in hopes of it helping others as it has helped me.
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    Nothing is for free.
    2009-10-24 09:26 PM
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    Very cool. Thanks for posting!
    2009-10-24 10:45 PM
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    No problem. Just hoping it can help others.
    Sorry about the video; new to posting here and don't know how to format it properly.
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    Nothing is for free.
    2009-10-25 12:38 AM
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    Tried this twice now and each time throws my 3G into recovery mode and I have to then reload 3.0 and then restore my last backup (after re jailbreaking and unlocking again).

    I'm also on t-mobile and my spec meets your requirements in your post, just wont work.
    2009-10-25 02:46 AM
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    Did you follow the directions on the video. Are your 3G settings turned off when you do this?

    Also, did you watch the video because at one point it's supposed to go into Recovery for a second or two.

    Just asking because it should work. I know this probably won't work for every iPhone but like the guy said if u have BB 4.26 with the correct bootloader it should work.
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    Nothing is for free.
    2009-10-25 03:05 AM
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    Links to custom firmware removed, please don't post links to warez.... per our forum rules
    2009-10-25 03:08 AM
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    Links to custom firmware removed, please don't post links to warez.... per our forum rules
    Oops! Sorry about that.
    Thanks for correcting it.
    Nothing is for free.
    2009-10-25 03:11 AM
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    no worries google is the place to find them
    2009-10-25 03:12 AM
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    Followed to the letter and video watched before hand.

    Thanks anyway
    2009-10-25 03:33 AM
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    hi everybody
    1st day using this
    but i had an iphone 2g and 3g and now i have the 3gs 16gb
    i bought a 32 gb iphone 3gs from a friend and i wanted to delete everything off it.

    i did something stupid my iphone 3g s was unlocked and jailbroken on version 3.0 but i decided to reset by clicking on the erase all content and settings
    now the mobile is in apple mode (it shows an apple logo and sometimes the swirly thing appears) aka SWOD

    ok i will tell u what i have tried....
    1st i tried to restore through itunes back onto the original software
    but still remained with the same problem

    then i tried to unlock it with redsn0w still same problem

    then i tried a program called rock your phone
    still no luck

    the question is any advise

    i believe if i restore it to the latest software it will do it but i wont be able to unlock the iphone 3g s on 3.1.2

    i am open to ideas

    many thanks
    2009-10-25 03:56 AM
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    Followed to the letter and video watched before hand.

    Thanks anyway
    No problem.
    Nothing is for free.
    2009-10-25 04:12 AM