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    I am setting up my iPhone for dual boot and need to unmount the /private/var filesystem. I have looked everywhere (1.0.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 ramdisks, and everywhere in between) and cannot find the 'umount' binary. Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

    2008-03-16 12:18 AM
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    I'm in the same boat - did you have any luck finding the umount binary?

    Previous: Also, what is the "ramdisk"? Is it one of the files in the firmware pack?

    Figured it out - it is the primary .DMG file in the ipsw firmware file. You need to use vfdecrypt to unencrypt them, then (in Windows at least) something like hfsexplorer to browse it.
    I checked 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 like consultadrone and had no luck finding the umount binary....

    OK, after some serious web scouring, i found this: http://www.wickedpsyched.com/iphone/kerneltools

    I'll try out the included umount and report back.

    OK, the umount from that link works, but now when I'm at the "fdisk -e /dev/disk0" step I'm getting the error: "fdisk: /dev/disk0 is not a character device or a regular file".

    I'm guessing this is the error that the author references, but I cannot find the fdisk binary anywhere in the ramdisk images either. Grrrrr.....

    Anyone know where to find an old fdisk binary?
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    2008-03-27 03:29 AM
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    So all the answers to dual boot questions can be found here:
    http://hac kin t0sh. org/forum/showthread.php?t=33994

    I guess the ramdisk referred to in the dual boot instructions is the "smaller" dmg file in the ipsw packages. You'll need the iphone-dev 8900 decrypter to open it up and extract the binaries.

    For the record, I was able to successfully get the dual boot up and running using the above kerneltools and the fdisk and newfs_hfs from the 1.1.1 ramdisk.
    2008-03-28 07:57 PM