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    Hi all,

    I'm a Windows user and I've got an iphone 3GS coming in the post and I'm rather keen to jailbreak it first thing, and was hoping for advice.

    I've spent sometime reading guides and the more I read the more confused I feel, so I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than me (i.e. anyone) might give me a hand.

    Apologies for the length of this article but I need a lot of help. Hopefully other idiots will also benefit. I doubt many ppl will want to reply to all questions in one go, so I encourage folks to give their opinion about any individual topic.

    1)Should [/U][/U]I even try?[/B][/B] - It sounds like the 3GS phone is rather unstable when jailbroken, and needs regular resets and general TLC. As I'm not very technically adept, should I just leave it alone or are the latest hacks more stable?

    2) What's the best operating system for jailbreaking? I don't know what OS I will be getting, but from what I've read you can upgrade and downgrade. What OS will give me the most reliable/stable iphone after jailbreaking? Where is the best place to upgrade/downgrade to get this OS (links would be appreciated)?

    3) What's the best jailbreaking software to get the most stable phone? As the appropriate software varies depending on the OS I guess questions 2 and 3 are really one question. Again I would appreciate links to software download sites that are not only safe/virus free (and preferably free) but also contain guides as to how best one might carry out the process.

    4) What factors besides obtaining a stable jailbroken phone should I be considering? Are some software programmes for jailbreaking better than others for reasons besides obtaining a stable phone?

    5) Where is a good guide to backing up my iphone before jailbreaking and changing OS?

    6) Can I change OS/jailbreak without a sim card? I'm getting a vodaphone sim free handset and I intend to use my O2 chip. How am I going to jailbreak the phone? Should I buy a pay as you go vodaphone sim-card to carry out the jailbreaking process? Once it's jailbroken, will I then be able to pop by O2 chip in, or do I need to unlock the phone as well (I currently think jailbreaking includes unlocking, but am not sure).

    Thankyou in advance for anyone who replies,


    2010-01-09 09:04 PM
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    1. if you are on the older bootloader (find out by the week of production [4th and 5th digital of serial number], or by pluging it into your computer [do some searching to find out], jailbreaking is VERY easy. literally one click. The only thing is its best to jailbreak right from a clean restore, and to set the phone up as new. just to avoid those random issues. I have a 3gs, thats has only been restored once, since i first jailbroke it on 3.0, and nothing was actually wrong with the phone, i just wanted 3.1.2. But I am using pwnage tools, not blackra1n, so our experiences might differ, but there are plenty of people I know on blackra1n running fine. If your stuck with a new bootloader 3gs, your best bet is to just forget about jailbreaking for a few weeks/months, as having a tethered phone is a pain in the butt. is by far the easiest one to jailbreak. no need to download the OS right now, since its the latest one. Just go in iTunes, and hit restore, it will download the ipsw (which will be on your computer for the future), and restore to the latest 3.1.2.
    3. blackra1n is the easiest, from I prefer to use the dev team products, The only way to do 3.1.2 right now is on a Mac with pwnage tools, but hopefully within the next week the dev team will release their redsn0w tool for 3.1.2, which is supported on all platforms. For any more info on the dev team check out their blog,
    4.Well blackra1n is a crap load faster. blackra1n is also probably a little lighter as well. But IMHO, the dev team are more dedicated to the masses, vs geohot (the creator of blackra1n), is more into hacking the iPhone as a hobby. while there isn't anything wrong with that, I just choose to use the dev team products.
    5. While your computer is connected to itunes, go into info, and sync what ever you want onto your computer.
    6. No you won't need the official sim. Basically when you jailbreak the phone at the activation screen, it will hacktivate it for you. But jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking. Jailbreaking allows root access to the phone, allowing you to install 3rd party applications. The unlock is simply (not really simple, but you get the idea) a 3rd party application, that allows any sim card to be used. once yours jailbroken, you will need to complete a couple more steps to get it unlocked, very simple, just installing a certain program on the phone.

    Thats about it I believe. is a great place for more information.
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    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-01-09 10:37 PM
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    Hi there,

    1.My 3GS is completly stable when jailbroken, I have used pwnaged firmware in the past and currently am JB'd with Blackra1n and no problems at all.

    2. What do you mean operating system? I use Vista on my windows machine and had no problems with compatibility and im sure all other operating systems will be ok as long as blackra1n runs on it. Im not sure if thats what you mean though?

    Is it a brand new iphone? Locked to a specific carrier? These details will be needed to give further advice. The latest 3gs's you get in the shops when jailbroken with blackra1n are tethered which means every time you switch it off then on again you will need to blackra1n it again to re jailbreak.

    3. iClarified - Tutorials - iPhone

    4. Both Blackra1n and pwnage ipsw'a have the option of unlocking the phone to all carriers if you want that option. A pwnage tool ipsw (Created on a mac) is supposed to be more stable but as I said earlier, I and many others here have had no problems at all with Blackra1n.

    5. To back up your iphone you open itunes, plug in the iphone and when the iphone screen appears click 'backup' - Done. You then restore this backed up data after jailbreak. With Blackra1n you wont even need to do this although its always advisable to backup before doing anything.

    6. If the phone is locked to vodafone you will need a vodafone sim for it to be running normally for jailbreak. Reasing everything you have said I would recommend Blackra1n - Its easy to use (One click) and when its loaded you just open the blackra1n app and download the unlock software - Done, you can put the O2 chip in and it should work. Saying that though, this unlock can cause problems with push notifications but there are fixes for that.

    If you wanted to go the pwnage tool route you need to find someone you know and trust who has a mac who can create a pwnaged ipsw for you to restore to, otherwise you can search google for custom ipsw 3.1.2 or whichever one you are running and download it. I have done this in the past with no problems BUT this can be a gamble as you dont know who created it and what it contains.

    Goodluck with whichever app you go with to do the deed.

    2010-01-09 10:47 PM

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