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    I am a total noob to this jailbreak scene. My friend kept saying that he would break my phone, but after not delivering for ages I finally went about using blackra1n which worked impeccably.

    However, I've noticed one thing that perturbs me greatly, I can no longer post photos to facebook that I did not transfer in via iTunes or have taken with the camera. That is to say, things saved from safari or screen-captures just give me a black screen and an error when I try to post them.

    I have reinstalled Facebook several times and rebooted numerous times. This happened immediately after I jailbroke my phone and it seems to be the only detrimental thing to occur. Photobucket, sms, and mail all are functioning normally.

    Does anyone have any idea on a way to fix this? I wanted to reinstall 3.1, but I only have 3.1.3 on saurik's server apparently.

    Thank you for your time,
    2010-03-04 08:00 AM

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