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  1. Ellis's iPod's Avatar
    Ok this is my first post. Well i am sure alot of you will know how how to do this! But for those who dont im your man! :D

    Ok first downgrading from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 or anyfirmware you want!
    sooo lets go to iPod and iPhone Firmware Download at the bottem it will say iPhone/iPod Touch so click the arrow and scroll down till you find your device ipod or iphone generation and then find 3.1.2 (e.g. iPod touch 3G 3.1.2/7D11) and download IF YOU JUST WANT TO DOWNGRADE TO AN OLDER FIRMWARE LIKE THE 3.0 DONT JAILBREAK. Well i dont know what happens if you do so :confused: lol

    next your gonna want to apply the firmware so go to itunes BACK UP YOUR IPOD then press shift + click restore then select your firmware :)

    Now were going to need to get blackra1n so go to blackweather and select either windows or mac (obviously if your windows get windows get windows if your mac get mac simples XD)

    so youve got blackra1n and youve got 3.1.2 firmware great! so click blackra1n and u should get a little button saying Let It Rain! click that and wait a second a message box will come up and there will be a picture of geohot on your ipod/iphone for a minuite (if it dosent go away or gets stuck on a black screen restore it and do this again)

    Then it is pretty obvious what you do hit blackra1n and choose cydia rock or both! If you have any problems or questions please ask. :\
    2010-03-07 10:17 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    The sticky's have this info already....
    2010-03-07 10:23 PM
  3. dhamien's Avatar
    This doesn't work for ipt3g 32gb and 64gb.
    2010-03-07 10:38 PM